C-CTherapy®“The Canadian Psychotherapy” — is the first-ever unified, non-cognitive psychotherapy and the only U.S. federally trademarked psychotherapy.

C-CTherapy® practitioners teach the patient a mental health skill rather than ANALYZING negative experiences from the patient's past. The C-CTherapy® practitioner employs a "what to do" rather than a cognitive therapy "why did you get that way" approach.

A skill-acquisition process, C-CTherapy® follows the same fundamental steps applied in learning how to play tennis, piano, or chess. In learning a mental health skill, however, the subject material and the process is mental instead of physical.

A PARTNERSHIP prevails between therapist and patient as the therapist teaches and the patient acquires a mental health skill.

In C-CTherapy® treament the patient is obliged to:

  • familiarize himself with his own emotional, non-volitional pattern.
  • practice C-CTherapy® exercises under the direction of the therapist-teacher.
  • tape record each treatment session and between weekly sessions listen to and practice these assigned exercises.