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Child Development
(Two monographs follow) 


Monograph 1

C-CTherapy® treatment focuses upon how the patient experiences his surroundings not on theories about human behaviour. C-CTherapy® deals with how people actually function, not on conjecture about why they behave as they do.

The composition of the patient's emotional system is one based upon personal mental development. There is no question of theoretical development. Kids copy daddy and mommy. This activity assumes the form of inadvertent mental absorption rather than an individual act of deliberation. Mommy and daddy talked and behaved in a certain way and the kids witnessed that repetitious behaviour.

For instance, "mother" is an anxious, scared kind of person. Children dependent upon her are keyed into her behaviour and so look to her for signs for them to be alert - much like a "lionness" alerting her young to danger. When a stranger knocks at the door of the residence, her first reaction -- fear -- pervades the house. Comparable to the lionness and her cubs, the human kids scamper for cover - usually under their bed or behind the heavily embroidered curtains in the dining-room. They watch as mother goes to the front window from where she can view the total area of the front door. Without any explicit sign, her visceral reaction signals to the kids - friend or foe!  

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Monograph 2

This paper uncovers three facets of the emotional, illogical system of the child's mental development, a) the acquisition process of functioning mentality, b) culture, c) parenting style. It refutes Freud's metaphysical theories that sexuality drives all human behaviour. As well, it puts the lie to the notion that parents are the sole influence in their child's mental development. In fact, the child's mental conditioning and thus the child's behaviour is a product of his parents, their predecessors, his culture, and his time in history. 

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