Center for Counter-Conditioning Therapy®

The Non-Medical, Cross-Cultural
Mental Health Clinic of the 21st Century

Norm Gillies, the founder of the Center for Counter-Conditioning Therapy, passed away in his sleep on May 23, 2021 after fighting a courageous battle with cancer

This non-medical mental health clinic features "The Canadian Psychotherapy", which applies a 21st Century experientially-based treatment format called C-CTherapy®

The unique treatment protocol, developed in the field of human behaviour, is a dramatic departure from traditional mental health programs. The protocol is an exclusive service of the Center.

In keeping with the 21st Century theme, the therapy focus differs from current psychotherapy convention in that the treatment effort is directed solely upon the patient's current mental stressors.

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The principal clinical services provided by the Center since its Canadian beginnings in 1964, are the following:

  • Telepsychotherapy is a mental health service unique to the Center for Counter-Conditioning Therapy®. C-CTherapy® allows the patient to receive mental health treatment anywhere in the world via telephone in the comfort of the patient’s own home or office.
  • Counselling Information Program ( C.I.P.)

    The Center’s monographs and articles on this website perform a mental health counselling function. The Center defines counselling as the dispensing of information. It matters not whether this dispensing is practiced by a psychiatrist, a psychologist or by a variety of mental health practitioners called counsellors.

    Those of the world’s public who access the Center’s FREE Counselling Information Program obtain its unique perspective. Those readers will also profit from reading the books listed in the supporting documentation following each monograph.

  • Emotional Self-Management Training Program.

    Readers who wish to go beyond the Website’s FREE counselling program, are advised to contact the Center in order to participate in the Emotional Self-Management Training program for which there
    is a fee.

    • There are two Emotional Self-Management Training Programs:
      1. The Short-term program is of six (6) sessions and is intended to take the mystery out of one's present mental functioning.
      2. The Long-term program's aim is mental skill-acquisition.

        The Center's innovative skill-acquisition clinical format, formed in the field of mental health, marks the difference between C-CTherapy® and cognitive, medical-model psychotherapies. The C-CTherapy® patient is a treatment partner throughout the mental skill-acquisition process. He/she is, therefore, an integral member of the Emotional Self-Management Training program team.

        Both programs are delivered via the Telepsychotherapy service.

“Men like the opinions to which they become accustomed... and this prevents them from finding truth, for they cling to the opinions of habit.”