Telespsychotherapy, a therapy service of C-CTherapy®“The Canadian Psychotherapy” — delivers therapy via the telephone to any location in the world in which the patient resides. This service is unlike mental health counselling where the patient must attend therapy in the office of the administering clinician.

Telepsychotherapy focuses upon teaching the patient a mental health skill. Skill acquisition is the key to change in the character of the patient's mental activity, and thus, in his/her mental behaviour. A skill acquisition goal is a world away from the prevalent mental health therapy myth that right thinking translates into right behaving.

There are two Emotional Self-Management Training Programs:

  1. The Short-term program is of six (6) sessions and is intended to take the mystery out of one's present mental functioning.
  2. The Long-term program's aim is mental skill-acquisition.

    The Center's innovative skill-acquisition clinical format, formed in the field of mental health, marks the difference between C-CTherapy® and cognitive, medical-model psychotherapies. The C-CTherapy® patient is a treatment partner throughout the mental skill-acquisition process. He/she is, therefore, an integral member of the Emotional Self-Management Training program team.

    Both programs are delivered via the Telepsychotherapy service.
    The Telepsychotherapy clinic is located in White Rock, BC.